"Kids On Camera"
A Comprehensive Guide for Child Models and Actors By Eva Stancil

President of Kiddin' Around Models and Talent, Eva Stancil is one of the nations most successful and reputable agents for children and author of the book Kids On Camera: A Comprehensive Guide for Child Models and Actors. Eva has been seen on national talk, entertainment and news shows, CNN, CNBC, EXTRA, Inside Edition, Leeza, Maury Povich and Sally Jesse Raphael. The American Library Association. has deemed her a national authority on the modeling industry for children.

"This guide delivers what it promises-a terrific look at the world of child modeling and acting. Written primarily for parents who are just beginning to explore the possibilities for their children going into the field, it is easy to understand and answers most pertinent questions. In addition, Stancil never loses sight of the main factor for success: the child's desire-if this can be determined- to pursue this career path. This message is reinforced by testimony of families who have been through the challenge of media work for children."
-American Library Association Booklist

This straight-forward look into the world of child modeling and acting gives parents real-world advice and hands-on direction. Simply written, this no-frills, realistic approach to the world of modeling and acting for children will help guide you in creating a successful career for your child.

This book will help you determine if your child indeed qualifies or has the "star quality" that agents and client are looking for. It will also help you determine what area of the industry that your child may be best suited for, or it may open your eyes to the fact that your child would not fit into this industry at all.

Kids On Camera will teach you what tools you'll need to market your child and what costs you can expect to pay. It will show you how to avoid getting taken by the unscrupulous characters who prey on your hopes and desires for their financial gain only.

Applause for Kids On Camera

"Having had personal experience with respect to a child's model's career, my daughter Ivanka, I have found Eva's books to be informative , interesting, and truly worthwhile."
-Donald Trump

"Eva's books are excellent tools for parents to investigate the possibilities afforded to their children in the industry and is simple step by step guide which when followed specifically will give parents honest and professional advice."
-Joe Hunter
President, International Model Management Association
(President, Ford Modeling Agency for 10 years)

"I believe Eva's books are excellent informative guides for parents whose children have expressed an interest in pursuing this type of career. The books answer questions that parents have regarding the business. To follow one's dreams is to soar above the cloud of regrets."
-Teresa Martin
Olan Mills, the Nation's Studio

"Someone has finally written this book for all the mothers who didn't know where to start. This book is a simple guide that answers all their who, what, and when questions about getting started. Like everything Eva is involved with, this book is top notch, first class and every wanna-be should have it."
-Doris Stinga
Director of Kids, Funny Face, NY
(formerly in the kids division of Ford and Wilhelmina)

Kids On Camera:

A Comprehensive Guide for Child Models and Actors
-By Eva Stancil
Currently in new production, For more information contact Kiddin' Around by emailing eva@kiddinaroundmodels.com